Vinx Dutch Glory

The inspiration for my jewelry collection, which is marketed under the brandname Vinx Dutch Glory, finds its origin in my search for my own life story. I did inherite my mother’s love for traditions and beauty, and these are values which I am only too eager to bequeath to my own daughter, Sarah Mare.

Nothing is as important as taking pride in one’s roots, and, simultaneously, showcase the lineage which underwrites one’s existence. Vinx Dutch Glory honours the history of Dutch creativity and craftmanship, paying tribute to the Golden Age when these talents were passed on from generation to generation, with increasing perfection.

My jewels are handmade with the wisdom of our old traditions, implemented by inspired contemporary goldsmiths. By not only wearing these jewels as beautyenhancing ornaments but also treating them as valued heirlooms, means that the heritage of Dutch craftmanship is, in effect, singularly kept in remembrance: alive. A jewel is the antique of the future.

Ingeborg Vink